The INKlings Sacred Cave
Hard-Boild Wonderland - Consept Art - Part I
Design by Ingrid Solvik

Consept Art for the imagined filmatization of Haruki Murakami's novel "Hard-Boild Wonderland and the End of the World". The book consist of two parts, the one called "Hard-Boild wonderland" takes place in Tokyo in the near future.

My aim with this project was to learn more about the use of 3D software (in this case Cinema 4D) to make pre-visualizations (in combination with Photoshop). I also wanted to learn how to use the software as a planing tool in the pre-production phase of a movie. - More about this in part II.

The INKlings are grotesque creatures living in underground dwellings connected to Tokyos Subway system.

You really don't want to meet one of them since they'll be happy to eat you for lunch, after letting you soak for a while with the leeches, as they're not particularly fond of fresh meat. The only place to feel safe is in their ancient sacred place, a huge underground cave, with a half-build half-stalagmite tower as a centerpiece. But as our heros race to the tower the water starts to raise. Will they reach the top of the tower, where the mad professor waits for them with the answers to their questions, before the water reach them and they are taken by the undercurrent?

 Detail showing the INKling translucent body.
 The INKlings Sacred Tower
The top of the tower surrounded by water.
 The Ancient Altar at the top of the Tower.
Pencil sketch for the tower.
 Pencil sketch of the Professor.
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