Permanent outdoor artwork located at Ellingsrud, Oslo. 
Commissioned by the Municipality of Oslo. 
A sculpture landscape that consists of a cluster of “light poles”, where the lighting fixture is replaced by rotating dichroic plates. The plates are not colored by pigment, but by interference which make them appear to have different colors depending on the angle of view. Thus a person laying in the hammock will experience other colors than the person standing next to it. Opening for reflections about how the same object/situation may have a multitude of different interpretation depending on the eyes who sees.

The shape of the poles – which have been twisted and bent, resembling trees and growing matter – is a way of questioning the habitats we have created for ourselves; our urban jungles, made up of straight lines, 90 degrees angles and flat surfaces. Even our parks – our green lungs – are planned out and neatly constructed, with trees in straight lines. But does this benefit the inhabitant? Does this make us happier? healthier?

I want to turn this familiar setting around, and let a well known part of our urban habitat; the light pole, borrow the curved, organic shapes of nature, thus creating a poetic, unfamiliar landscape.
Metal work: Bolt AS and Dahle Mek
Engineering: Bollinger + Grohman
Construction Contractor: Omexon
Acrylic plates: Schjoll Reklame
Hammocks: Handmade by the artist

Practical and moral support: Gard Gitlestad
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