The Professor's Laboratory
Hard-boild Wonderland - Consept Art - Part II
Design by Ingrid Solvik

Consept Art for the imagined filmatization of Haruki Murakami's novel "Hard-Boild Wonderland and the End of the World". The book consist of two parts, the one called "Hard-Boild Wonderland" takes place in Tokyo in the near future.

My aim with this project was to learn more about the use of 3D software (in this case Cinema 4D) to make pre-visualizations (in combination with Photoshop). I also wanted to learn how to use the software as a planing tool in the pre-production phase of a movie.

In his hidden, underground laboratory the Professor does research on the sound produced by skulls of all kinds of mammals, including humans. His secret studies aims to decode the sound of the skulls to get hold of the memories of its earlier owner.

The engineered subconsciousness is one of his other projects. A project where he uses the human mind to make the ultimate unbreakable encrypting tool. The results are good, but effects are less fortunate for the owner of the mind in use..

Technical Breakdown
 Perspective showing the part of the decoration that will be build.
Technical Drawing
A modell showing where the greenscreen will be placed, and next to it, concept art where desaturated areas shows which parts will be done digitally.
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