Norsk Folkemuseum - The Norwegian museum of Cultural History - invited artists Ingrid Solvik, Reidun Solvik and Gard Gitlestad to create a light walk in their outdoor museum, resulting in several projection and light based installations across their premise.

Installation: Ingrid and Reidun Solvik
Sound: Ingrid Solvik

This installation took place in one of the oldest preserved houses in Norway. It visualizes the long history of the building by showing glimpses from three different centuries of it's long history. Raulandstua was built in Numedal, in 1238 and in 1899 moved to the Norwegian museum of Cultural History. In this installation, inscriptions and shadows from the different time periods are cast upon the walls and mixed together with each other and the room itself.
The three rotating «barrels» are lit so that shadows of the inscriptions are cast on walls, floor and ceiling. 
The first «barrel» is based on writings and illustrations from the the 13th century, when Raulandsstua was built. Among other inscription from the time and area, you will find «Þorgautr Fivil mik gerði», Torgaut Fivil made me -  an inscription carved above the entrance door by the first owner of this house.
The second barrel is based on the family of Jon Roulan who rebuild the house in 1734 and carved the name and birthdates of his children into a log of the house. We were also able to find this family in the tax archives from the time, and copy it by hand to this barrel.
The last barrel is inspired by our own time. How is the building (within the context of the museum) seen today? 
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