Concept Development
Inspiration, Sculpture by Patricia Piccinini.
The Uzuries are born tiny and extraordinary beautifull. They live to be more than 300 years old, but during their lifespan, they go trough a total transformation. From being about 3 cm tall beings, resembeling fairies, they develop into monsters with an altitude of over 3 meters. Already by the age of 30 they are almost unrecognizable, and are no longer accepted by the society they grew up in, where beauty is what is valued the most. They live the rest of their life in bitterness and solitude, as outcasts from the society.
The queens dwelling.
Groups of three and three trees, with a building in the middle, are connected through passageways.Togetter they form a circle, with the queens dwelling in the middle conected to all of them.
A magic spell protects them from the harsh winter outside, and make it possible for trees and flowers grow.
An Uzuri at the age of 30 when he is thrown out of the Uzuri comunity. For the Uzuri the greatest sign of youth and beauty is the wings , which the loose at the age of 15, after that they use fake wings, and even when they get bold, and are not given any cloths , they held a big pride in keeping their wings.
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